The SAISD Office of Innovation expands access to great schools by partnering with educators to develop new school models and redesign neighborhood schools through the Annual Call for Quality Schools.

To ensure that new and redesigned schools continue to be high quality options for families, the Office of Innovation works with district leadership and the SAISD Board of Trustees to ensure quality authorizing, support and regulation of in-district charter schools consistent with Texas law and local policies.

SAISD holds its in-district charter schools to high expectations

Charter schools differ from other district schools in that the Board of Trustees grants increased autonomy to charter schools regarding the use of time, talent, and resources, in return for increased accountability and improved student achievement. State law requires the Board of Trustees to monitor and enforce these performance contracts, and schools that do not meet their performance metrics may have their charter revoked. SAISD aims to evaluate schools and ensure accountability in a manner that is comprehensive and driven by the best interest of students.

The key principles that underpin SAISD’s approach to evaluation and oversight are:






Annual Performance Reviews are conducted as a part of an ongoing effort to provide responsive oversight for in-district charter schools and to promote their success. The Annual Performance Review is designed to deepen the relationship between district and school staff, clarify district performance expectations, promote shared understanding of the charter school’s successes and challenges, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Performance Review

An annual performance review is conducted at the campus, as feasible, to review performance contract data, tour classrooms, as well as facilitate discussion with leadership.

Annual Performance Reviews are typically conducted between September and April. The Office of Innovation will propose a range of possible dates from which schools may choose. If the dates that are available pose a conflict for a school, an agreeable date will be agreed upon for the review.

How to prepare for review

Performance Report

An annual performance report is prepared for each school based on the metrics outlined in their performance contract. While each school’s performance contract may differ slightly depending on the school’s governance and grade levels, the performance contract will include the following metrics:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Organizational Strength
  • Financial Health
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Each school’s performance contract contains specific metrics across three domains: Academic Excellence, Organizational Strength, and Financial Health. There are performance objectives outlined within each domain that directly align with the key principles of evaluation.

Understanding your performance report


One critical component of authorizing and regulating in-district charter schools is the charter renewal process, which determines renewals, revocations, and probationary terms for all in-district charter schools on an established timeline. Charter school authorization is a partnership between SAISD as the authorizer and its in-district charters as the school operators.

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For schools with a standard term, which is all current SAISD in-district charters, the year the school is eligible for renewal will be the fourth year of its performance contract. Schools that were newly authorized to become in-district charter schools effective as of the start of the 2021-22 school year, will be considered for renewal in the fall of the 2024-25.

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Each school’s performance contract contains specific metrics across three domains: Academic Excellence, Organizational Strength, and Financial Health. Schools that meet these metrics should be renewed. Conversely, schools that don’t may have their charter revoked or may be placed on probation with stronger district oversight and support.

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Depending on the school’s performance, a recommendation will be submitted to the Board to either renew, revoke, or monitor during a probationary period. The highest performing schools may also be considered for replication or expansion when facilities and financial resources are available and strong demand for such a school exists.

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SAISD’s in-district charter schools play a critical role in the public education landscape of San Antonio. While in-district charter schools gain increased autonomy in exchange for rigorous accountability, these schools are an integral part of our school district, and the Office of Innovation is committed to promoting their success.

Renewal Application: Renewal Recommendation: Board Vote on Renewal:
July 2022 October 2022 March 2023

Schools up for Renewal:

  • Advanced Learning Academy
  • Ball Academy
  • Barkley-Ruiz ES
  • Bowden Academy
  • Briscoe ES
  • Burbank HS
  • Carroll ECEC
  • CAST Tech HS
  • Davis MS
  • Fenwick Academy
  • Gates ES
  • Harris MS
  • Hawthorne Academy
  • Huppertz ES
  • Jefferson HS
  • Lamar ES
  • Martin Luther King Academy
  • Ogden Academy
  • Stewart ES
  • Storm Academy
  • Texans Can at Highlands HS
  • Tynan ECEC
  • Woodlawn Academy
  • Woodlawn Hills ES
  • Young Women’s Leadership Academy
Renewal Application: Renewal Recommendation: Board Vote on Renewal:
July 2023 October 2023 March 2024

Schools up for Renewal:

  • CAST Med HS
  • Young Men’s Leadership Academy
  • Young Women’s Leadership Academy Primary
Renewal Application: Renewal Recommendation: Board Vote on Renewal:
July 2024 October 2024 March 2025

Schools up for Renewal:

  • Bonham Academy
  • Cameron ES
  • Cotton Academy
  • Irving Dual Language Academy
  • Fox Tech HS
  • Poe STEM Dual Language MS
  • Rodriguez Montessori ES
  • St. Philip’s Early College HS
  • Steele Montessori Academy
  • Travis Early College HS
  • Twain Dual Language Academy

*The timeline for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 renewal years is approximate and may change. The actual deadlines will be published in January of the respective renewal year


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