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Every child deserves a best-fit school, and one size does not always fit all. Learning is a deeply personal process, so families should have the opportunity to choose the school that best meets the needs of their children. When children can connect with one another around similar goals and aspirations in an environment that is personalized for them, their learning becomes more powerful and their possibilities for success are limitless.

San Antonio Independent School District has a rich history of providing students with unique learning opportunities. The district opened its first magnet school in 1983. Today the district has nearly fifty Choice Schools and Programs offering a variety of models: International Baccalaureate, Montessori, Dual Language, STEM, Single Gender, and more.

San Antonio ISD’s Office of Innovation plays a critical role in the district’s goal to provide all students with opportunities for academic success. To advance high-quality school options in the district, the Office of Innovation is seeking proposals from qualified educators and leaders in SAISD who would like to leverage their skills and build upon their past successes to launch autonomous, in-district charter schools.

Through the Annual Call for Quality Schools, current campus leaders have the opportunity to redesign existing schools, develop new school models, and revise existing in-district charters. Approved campuses will receive increased autonomy over time, talent, and resources in return for greater accountability in the form of a performance contract.

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SAISD is also forming Senate Bill 1882 Partnerships with mission-aligned nonprofits to bring additional expertise and resources to select in-district charter schools. These non-profit partners provide targeted support that is aligned to the school’s unique mission and academic model.

The theory of action behind this effort is clear: if we provide skilled educators with the autonomies that they need to run a high-quality school how they see fit, then they will provide our city’s students with the option to attend and excel in a diverse array of high-quality, innovative schools. These school options will be open to all students, regardless of their academic ability or geographic location.

The educators who are approved to run autonomous schools will operate schools that will serve as models for the rest of the district and catalyze school innovation and improvement for all of San Antonio ISD.

SAISD's 5-Year Goals: 2025

SAISD’s 5-Year Goals: 2025

The Annual Call and its focus on creating more high-quality options for families is a key strategy that will be necessary to achieve San Antonio ISD’s ambitious academic goals. Superintendent Pedro Martinez published 5-year goals that set ambitious academic targets for the 2024-25 school year. There are ten goals in four core areas:

  1.  Increase students attending high-quality schools
  2.  Ensure proficiency
  3.  Cultivate high-performing students
  4.  Targeted focus on post-secondary success
View SAISD’s 5-Year Goals for 2025